Piano Tuning and Maintenance
It's more than just a tuning

Standard Tuning/Service Call

Quality piano maintenance involves so much more than just tuning. With over 10,000 parts, the modern piano is by far the most complicated musical instrument. With an instrument this complicated, a different approach is necessary. Quality piano maintenance addresses three essential areas: Tuning, Regulation, and Voicing. 

My Service Philosophy

I structure my service appointment to reflect the interdependence of these essential areas. By scheduling a service appointment, I commit to you a full 90 minutes of my time. During the service appointment, my goals are to produce best possible tuning, refine the pianos regulation, and address any minor voicing inconsistencies.  

Repairs, Regulation, & Voicing
Highly Experienced & Steinway Trained

Quality repairs

With a strong pedigree of institutional service, I've seen nearly every type of mechanical failure.  I've seen it all–broken strings, sticking keys, broken agraffes, broken hammer shanks, or leaking dampers. I use my intimate knowledge of instrument construction, keyboard mechanics and manufacturer practices to address any problem that I encounter. 

Periodic maintenance of action regulation and voice

The piano in your home will require periodic adjustments to its regulation and voice. At its core, a piano is comprised of many organic materials, such as wood, felt, and cloth. These materials wear and change with use. Just like brakes in a car, these components need periodic adjustment and even replacement to function at their best.

I offer a wide range of services, including

  • Partial and full keyboard action regulation

  • Partial and full damper regulation

  • Hammer reshaping and filing

  • String leveling and hammer fitting

  • Tone building, using American Steinway techniques


Rebuilding and Restoration
Your piano action specialist

I specialize in action refurbishment and restoration. I have experience restoring several makes and models of piano, but I have extensive experience working with Steinway pianos and Steinway product. If you are interested in learning how to refurbish or restore your piano, please mention your interest at your next appointment. We'll discuss ways to improve the tone and overall performance of your instrument in a way that falls within your budget.

Action restoration services offered:

  • Full action replacement and restoration

  • Touch weight analysis and weight profiling

  • Complete damper action replacement

Belly restoration services offered:

  • Bass string replacement

  • Full restringing

  • Bridge repair

For more extensive belly restoration, I will work with you to identify the unique needs of your piano and guide you to a piano rebuilder that will employ the appropriate techniques restoration techniques.


Climate Control
Keeping your piano happy and healthy

In certain circumstances, adding a humidity control unit to your piano will help it keep its tune longer and extend the life of the instrument. As a certified Dampp-Chaser installer, I can provide quality installation and service for any style of Dampp-Chaser unit. Please contact me for a detailed estimate.