Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Procedure

Updated Sept. 13, 2020

Let's Stay Safe During Our Appointment

Your safety and well being is a top priority. With continued developments around the Coronavirus, cleanliness is of the upmost importance. I am implementing the following additional measures, based on CDC recommendations and additional research, in an attempt to reduce the risk of spreading the virus:

The checklist

The Night Before
Remove any objects normally kept ontop of the piano.

Have your mask ready
Please wear a mask during any encounter we have while we are in the same space, I will not enter the home until the greeting party has donned a mask. I will be wearing masks and gloves for the duration of our appointment. As I enter the home, let's work together to maintain appropriate social distancing measures.

Wash hands before and after using the piano
Hand washing is the best defense. Please consider being mindful of this practice before and immediately after our appointment.

We’ll practice social distancing

When I arrive, I will stand back from the door and allow for plenty of space as I enter the home. I prefer to have the room vacated while working and, when it is possible, I recommend vacating for before and after our appointment. If it is not possible to vacate, consider wearing a mask in the area of the piano until the air in the room has a chance to circulate.

Let’s wear masks

For your safety, the safety of my other customers, and my own, I’ll be wearing gloves and a mask. Please wear a mask while we interact. I will not enter the home unless the greeting party is wearing a mask. As an added measure, I will also clean and disinfect all tools and tool cases before they are brought into your home.

Oh, and the cleaning? I'll take care of that!

I will thoroughly clean keys and wipe down touched surfaces on the piano before I start and after I finish. I’ll clean the contact points on the case by using a mild solution of soap and water. And before I go, I’ll give the keys a good cleaning. A new cloth will be used for each cleaning. I will not be vacuuming any pianos at this time.

What will I use to clean your keys?

Most piano manufacturers recommend cleaning keys with a damp rag or mild detergent and then drying immediately. Bleach, rubbing alcohol, and denatured alcohol may react adversely with key material or finishes over time, causing them to discolor, weaken, or crack. If you have ivory or bone keys, you should exercise extra caution when cleaning as the ivory glue joints can be quite delicate. Fortunately, Coronavirus is vulnerable to mild soap and water solution. 

Other recommendations from manufacturers, follow link to see their recommendations:

  Hydrogen Peroxide 

  Soap, such as Murphy’s Oil or Simple Green, and Water

  Dish soap with hand sanitizing solution (such as Dettol, or Purell)

  • Fazioli (For the most part, this is what I will be using. Click this link to see the recipe)

Don't forget to wash your hands!

Remember, hand washing is the best defence. Make sure to wash hands before and after playing your piano.

Payment options

Credit Card: 

I will have a chip card reader available. I can place it on a table and have you dip your card while we maintain a safe distance.


Checks are always welcome. Please make out to “Ness Piano Services” and leave it on a table nearby where I can retrieve it.


Same as the check.


Receipts will be sent to the email address provided during the scheduling process.

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